Monday, September 16, 2013

Going to the CED Tech Venture Conference 2013? Get More Out of it with the Mobile App!

For the hundreds of you that will be attending this week’s CED Tech Venture Conference 2013, Gather Digital has been working with us to produce a free app that will help you get the most out of the conference.

The CED Tech Venture Conference 2013 app is available now on the PlayStore for Android and on the AppStore for iOS. Search for it in the appropriate store for your device with keyword “cedtech” and it will pop right up. Once it’s installed, log in using the email you registered for the conference with. Note that you will need to create your own password (you’ll see the link above the log-in the first time you try to use it).

What can you do once there?

  • See who’s coming - There’s a complete list of all registered attendees.
  • Check the agenda - There’s an hour-by-hour agenda, with links to all the speakers and their bios.
  • Learn about the Demo Companies - Each company is listed along with bio of the CEO and an overview of their product/service, along with the time of their Lightening Round.
  • Send Messages to Attendees - You can send and receive from within the app – so start setting appointments to meet at the conference early! Everyone that has downloaded the app will be automatically available to send and receive messages from within the app.
  • Learn about Sponsors - Interact with them via social media, right from the app.
  • VOTE - Load the agenda for each Lightening Round and you’ll see the first listing is for “Best Demo Voting.”  Click there, and then click on the blue symbol. You’ll be brought to a screen that says “Please select” and the drop down arrow on the far right will list each company from that lightening round. Please select ONE and hit Submit.

So give up the paper – download the app. And we’ll see you at #CEDTVC!

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