Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Note from Joan Siefert Rose, President of CED

     I am back from a 3-month sabbatical this week, and return to an exciting time for entrepreneurs in the Triangle. We have more than 100 angel investors from across the southeast in town for a conference organized by CED and the Angel Capital Association, followed by the 29th annual CED Tech Venture Conference, where companies will be presenting to the angels and other investors. It's a great demonstration of the vibrant tech scene here.

For much of my time away I was in Western Europe and had a chance to speak to a few entrepreneurs there. The general impression I had was that they do not feel well supported by government policy, with a bureaucracy that can slow down the process, impose conflicting rules, and be inflexible on requirements better suited to established companies. Most talked wistfully of what they see as a more supportive culture for entrepreneurs in the United States.

It is a reminder that, as frustrating and lonely it may be to start a company here in the United States, there are plenty of support systems for founders. And more are coming on line every day. Entrepreneurship is not only seen as a viable career choice, it's touted as the brightest spot in the recovering economy. That makes us unique in ways that our friends in Europe wish were so for them.

It's great to be back. Let's get to work to make our region the best place to take an idea and make it into a successful company.

Joan Siefert Rose

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