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Become a CED Start Something Blog Contributing Author

CED contributing authors represent the voice of entrepreneurship in the Research Triangle and North Carolina. In telling stories, sharing advice, and writing about industry trends, our contributing authors are telling the story of entrepreneurship in our region. Benefits of becoming a CED Contributor include:
  • Regularly featured on the CED Start Something Blog
  • Great for your brand and your company
Each contributing author writes posts and articles within three primary categories:
  • Entrepreneur's "how to" guide -- essentially, articulating the how, what, why, whens of entrepreneurship
  • What's happening in the Tech / Life Science industry -- essentially, a forum of opinion-style articles written about particular trends / topics within either the tech or life science industries
  • Lessons Learned -- essentially, a personal narrative about the lessons of entrepreneurship and what it means to be an entrepreneur in our region
If interested, please contact Jane Royall at

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