Monday, September 16, 2013

Validic - Integrating Mobile Healthcare Data: An Interview with Validic CEO, Ryan Beckland

The seventh in a series of articles that highlight companies selected to Demo at CED’s Tech Venture Conference 2013.

Healthcare professionals and insurance companies know that mobile health is the future of their industries, yet there is no single platform for CTOs to manage the data across hundreds of health apps and devices, technologies, operating system …until now.

Validic, the product of Co-founders Ryan Beckland and Drew Schiller, is a platform application programming interface (API) aggregator that integrates health data from multiple mobile apps and devices. Validic currently integrates more than 75 apps and devices and is on track to exceed 100 by the end of 2013.

The ability to integrate hundreds of apps is becoming more critical. Consider that the entire mobile health world is only about 5 years old, yet there are 250 new apps and mobile devices introduced to the market every single month. This rapid growth created an enormous opportunity for Validic, building infrastructure that allows all these mobile health apps to talk to each other.

“This has never been done before,” said Beckland. “Healthcare professionals need an easier way to retrieve information, and Validic’s API platform and growing list of supported devices is a great way for them to do so.”

Being a startup has allowed Validic to move fast and adapt quickly, something the other large companies can’t manage to do in the ever-changing medical tech environment.

“The current competition has actually helped Validic,” Beckland explains. “Qualcomm and AT&T mHealth are similar platforms but move too slowly because of their size. Actually, they’re the best advertising we could hope for. Customers are attracted to their offering, but then choose Validic because it fits their needs better.”

Beckland has been working in Kansas City for last 4 years, but is excited to be in Durham now. He sees the potential for his business in the Triangle area and loves the tremendous support he has already received from investors. Validic's unique platform and strong team has attracted many of the best Triangle investors. The company's latest round was oversubscribed and Beckland has  had to turn several investors away. “The Triangle Area has a great infrastructure for high growth tech companies. We have plenty of active local investors, and tons of smart, young, inexpensive college grads that want to get in and do a good job,” comments Backland.

Beckland is excited to continue to develop relationships with other entrepreneurs and investors at CED Tech Venture Conference, and to support the start-up community in the region. Join him at the CED Tech Venture Conference September 17-18, 2013 in the Raleigh Convention Center, and meet the Validic Team.

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