Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Top 10 Biotech IPOs of 2011

An article recently published by Maureen Martino on FierceBiotech.com highlighted the "Top 10" biotechnology IPOs that occurred in 2011. It is worth noting that only 10 U.S. companies went public last year, earning each a de facto spot in the top 10 list.

On the list is Tranzyme Pharma Inc.(NASDAQ: TZYM), based in Research Triangle Park. Tranzyme, founded in 1998 and a CED Member since 2003, raised close to $54 million in their April IPO, placing them 5th on the "Top 10" list (read the FierceBiotech article for a full list).

It is interesting to note that total number biotechnology companies completing IPOs was down in 2011 (there were 13 IPOs in 2010). Will this remain a trend in biotechnology, or will 2012 be a banner year for biotechnology IPOs?

This is one of many questions that prominent investors will answer during the Financing Panel at the CED Life Science Conference held in Raleigh, NC, on February 15-16, 2012.