Tuesday, February 11, 2014

M2 Optics Launches Patent-Pending Optical Switching Platform

SwitchLight™ addresses multiple optical networking applications within a single device to reduce complexity, cost, and space.

M2 Optics Inc.
(Raleigh, NC) announced the immediate availability of SwitchLight™, a multi-functional optical networking device designed for Service Provider, Data Center, Enterprise, and Government applications.

Based on a patent-pending design, SwitchLight™ utilizes both active and passive optical components to perform the following “S.M.A.R.T.” functions:

  • Switching (all-optical, latching, asymmetric switching)
  • Monitoring (passively capture and route traffic to analysis devices)
  • Amplifying (boost signals for monitoring and multicasting applications)
  • Replicating (multicasting and broadcasting)
  • Tapping (utilize “intelligent” passive optical tapping)

SwitchLight™ users can customize their systems to include one or all of these functions in a small 1 or 2U form factor. As these needs change over time, SwitchLight™ can be expanded to increase density or add functionality.

The flexibility of SwitchLight™ addresses a wide array of applications from ultra-low latency networking to low-cost monitoring of optical access networks. With support for multimode fiber, latching switches, port replication and optical multicasting, SwitchLight™ provides tightly integrated functionality that other layer one optical devices lack.

Setting SwitchLight™ even further apart from the competition is its ability to perform all of these functions under LightClick™, the SwitchLight™ Element Manager software included with every system. Based on HTML 5, LightClick™ provides rapid system reporting, point-and-click provisioning, and enhanced administrative control. Additionally, LightClick™ comes standard with multiple APIs to seamlessly integrate into existing and future environments.

“While customization scares many companies due to the increased cost and complexity, we made SwitchLight™ flexible enough to embrace customization while remaining cost effective. Also, the combination of SwitchLight™ and LightClick™ enables us to address everything from 100+Gbps test environments requiring simple scripting languages to next-generation networks built on SDN architectures,” says O.J. Johnston, General Manager of M2 Optics Switching Systems division.

The capabilities, features, form factor, and low cost of SwitchLight™ results in a unique value proposition for M2 Optics’ customers.  Although having just been released, M2 Optics reports that initial customers include a leading CATV operator as well as multiple government agencies.  SwitchLight™ is available worldwide from M2 Optics or any of their authorized regional partners.

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