Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Do you wish your website could magically make you more money?

Guest Post by RocketBolt

Well… keep wishing, because there aren’t any magic solutions for increasing website effectiveness. But we wanted to tell the community at CED about what we’re building, because it’s the next best thing. We call it RocketBolt, and it automates the process of getting more users on your website and getting them doing more of the things you need. Sounds good, right? Wanna know something even better? RocketBolt can be added to any website in less than five minutes, and once you’ve configured it, you’re done. RocketBolt does all the heavy lifting: everything from getting you more Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers, to collecting email addresses and convincing people to watch videos. Whatever you need more people doing on your website, RocketBolt is the almost-magical way of making it happen.

Speaking of magical, RocketBolt has a great opportunity for companies trying to get more value from their websites (which, by the way, should be every company). After an extremely successful private beta test that increased user engagement across 100+ websites by over 16%, we’re moving into a public beta. Since we’re in the current class at TSF [The Startup Factory], and since we’re big believers in growing the Triangle’s entrepreneurship community, we want to start by helping make the websites of Triangle companies more successful. So we’re opening our earliest beta slots to Triangle-area companies that want to get more website visitors doing more of the things they need.

Intrigued yet? Overwhelmed with excitement? Unimpressed by our poor attempt at a creative pitch? Whatever your emotion is, we’d love to talk to you, tell you more, and get RocketBolt working its magic on your website. You can sign up for the RocketBolt beta at – you guessed it – Or skip a step and email our overworked and woefully underpaid business development guru directly. His email is When he’s not helping RocketBolt customers, he’s staring longingly at his iPhone, waiting for the next RocketBolt beta request email to come in so he can help more RocketBolt customers. You don’t want to keep him waiting too long, do you?


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