Thursday, October 17, 2013

Crowdfunding for Biotech Entrepreneurs

When the JOBS Act was signed into law by President Obama in April 2012, opportunities to invest in startup companies expanded beyond just the wealthiest Americans. How can a biotech entrepreneur tap into that newest source of equity investment? And – is your company likely to be a good fit for that form of fundraising?

According to crowdfunding company Poliwogg, $1.5 billion was raised via crowdfunding campaigns way back in 2011 – so where are we now, halfway through 2013? What are the opportunities for our region… and for your startup in particular?

If you’ve have had questions about whether Kickstarter or one of the many other more targeted crowdfunding sites might be a viable option for your equity fundraising, we’ve got an event for you.

Navigate the complexities, intricacies and implications of these platforms when CED and the North Carolina Biotechnology Center gather three experts on equity crowdfunding from the healthcare and agbio industries. You’ll hear from Les Funtleyder, Managing Director of Poliwogg, and Rob Leclerc, PhD, CEO at AgFunder, in a discussion moderated by NCBC’s Vice President, Business and Technology, Peter Ginsberg.

Join in
from 5-8pm next Wednesday October 23rd at NCBC, and learn about new federal rules on advertising and providing assurance that investors meet requirements for net worth. Come away knowing more about whether crowdfunding is the right way to fuel the growth of your company. 


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