Monday, July 8, 2013

Lines, Not Dots: On Being a CED Tech Venture Conference Demo Company

Matt Williamson, CEO of Windsor Circle, shares his thoughts on what it’s like to be a Demo Company at CED Tech Venture Conference…

It is often said that investors look for lines, not dots. 
Seeing an entrepreneurial company for the first time is a "dot." Seeing that same company several more times provides more "dots." Connect those dots and you have a line.  If you're systematically meeting market demand and reducing risks, your line should go up and to the right.

When Windsor Circle first launched in 2011, we participated at CED Tech Venture as a DemoCompany and provided our first "dot." We were pre-product and pre-revenue. Our team and our seed investors provided some nice buzz and put us on the map as a company to watch. But we were just a "dot."

In 2012, we were excited to present at Tech Venture again to provide our next "dot." This Demo Company update included a demonstrable track record of producing a product, selling that SaaS-based offering, and reporting usage and ROI metrics from our client base. We were also able to announce continued funding in the form of another financing round.
More dots... and the beginning of a line. 

As we move toward our 2013 Demo Company experience, we'll be very excited to provide our next set of "dots," including 379% year over year growth, the launch of the Action Center in our industry-leading Retention Automation Platform, and a Series B investment opportunity in Q114 that will allow us to dramatically accelerate product development and customer acquisition. 

We know from our interactions with investors that they are following our progress as we develop our big-data driven customer loyalty software solution.  Our third annual appearance as a demo company will continue to provide opportunities to engage directly with these investors who are now not only aware of Windsor Circle, but indeed excited about the progress that we're making.
Our line is going up and to the right. Being a Demo Company at CED Tech Venture has been a powerful tool for helping us establish our line, and we're excited about what lays ahead.

If you are interested in being a Demo Company and seeing that line move up and to the right, contact Hal Thomas at (919) 226-0470.

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