Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Republic Wireless Implements Bandwidth's APIs

CED Member Bandwidth today announced that Republic Wireless has implemented Bandwidth’s application programming interfaces (APIs) for real-time phone number ordering and management.

“With Bandwidth’s API, we no longer need to pre-provision phone numbers and we gain increased flexibility in reserving inventory in markets favorable to our customers,” said Jim Mulcahy, executive vice president and general manager for Republic Wireless, in a statement. “The cost savings and decreased development time enables our team to focus on providing customers with compelling eCommerce platforms and powerful end-user devices.”

Access to APIs continues to be a driving force in the wholesale marketplace. These APIs eliminate the need for high-level technical expertise and allocation of resources to support phone number management for Republic Wireless to focus on what it does best – returning value and control of the smartphone experience to its members. With Bandwidth’s API, Republic Wireless’ customers can search and order a new phone number as well as port over their existing number. Additional benefits of Bandwidth’s number management APIs ensure that costs remain low and back office burdens associated with phone number management and upkeep are eliminated.

“Being able to not only operate but also empower the nation’s first Wi-Fi centric mobile operator is a perfect example of how we are doing new things with communications,” said Steve Leonard, executive vice president and general manager of Bandwidth’s wholesale & enterprise division, in a statement. “The Republic Wireless team had to be ready for a significant uptick in porting requests and Bandwidth allowed them to address this challenge by eradicating an in-house inventory and provisioning system and the need to integrate with additional third-party providers to support such a system.”

Bandwidth’s APIs go beyond simple transactional automation by integrating with customers at the application level for better control, flexibility and customization.

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