Saturday, April 14, 2012

Triangle Startup Weekend - Saturday Action!

It is a busy afternoon here at Triangle Startup Weekend! Teams formed last night and arrived bright and early this morning to start working on their products, designs, business plans and presentations for tomorrow.  Although teams are working diligently on their new ideas, it is nice to see team members taking breaks outside on NC State's Centennial Campus to enjoy a little bit of a beautiful day in Raleigh, NC.

There just under 20 teams left and I made my rounds to check in on a few.  With less than 24 hours until presentations, I was happy these teams took the time to get me up to speed.  Below is a little update on some of my favorites! You can check out Triangle Startup Weekend's live streams at  Also, tweet away to @trianglestartup or @CEDNC #TWS2012.

1. Unfundable: Crowdsourced venture capital firm to help promote startups and their work. Provides seed-stage capital to entrepreneurs. I caught up with my friend Thomas with Unfundable and this big team is making some big moves. The team is split between the development side and the business side and the site is up, but still under construction.  Check it out -

2. Dumpster Dating: Tagline - It's not dumpster diving, if you have a date. I love this idea because it encompasses  two of my favorite things: bargain buys and getting rid of stuff.  This platform allows users to post a photo of the old stuff they are putting out of the curb, as other users can check it out and let each other know if they are interested in the product. @DumpsterDating

3. Docstr - Simplifying the awful processing of scheduling doctors appointments!  Team members Chris and Nathan welcomed me upon arrival today and gave me the skinny on the weekend - fun guys! I took their survey and hopefully will help them out. @docstrs

4. Soul IPO - Steve is the soul man - literally! He and his team have set up a stock trading platform not for ownership of a company, but of YOUR SOUL! Users have the ability to buy stock in other people's souls and trade it with other users as soul stock goes up or down.  Stock in your soul can increase by doing good deeds for example or decrease, by doing not so good deeds - all decided by the Soul IPO community.  @soulxchange

5. Easy Raffle - I have to give a shout out to this idea because its goal is to help non-profits like CED! Easy Raffle allows users to raffle off items of their choosing as a fundraising opportunity all instantly, all online. Who wouldn't want to raffle off Duke v. UNC tickets to raise a little money for the cause? Can't wait to see their presentation! @easyraffle

There are a lot of other great ideas here at Triangle Startup Weekend and the presentations are going to be awesome!  This is such a wonderful example of the thriving entrepreneurial spirit in the Triangle and North Carolina.  CED is really proud to be a part of this!

Good luck teams!

Jane Royall
Development Coordinator for Membership and Annual Giving

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