Friday, April 13, 2012

Triangle Startup Weekend Pitchfire

We're here reporting on Triangle Startup Weekend, a 54-hour code-a-thon that helps entrepreneurs take an idea to prototype and become a potentially viable company. Here's how this works: each potential entrepreneur is invited to share their idea in a 60-second pitch. Once the pitches conclude, voting and teams will form to work out how functional products can emerge from these ideas. Then, it's off to the races.

This post is a pull-out piece from the CED Live Blog coverage of Triangle Startup Weekend.

Hippo: Music Generator -- an iOS and Android application to help randomly generate music anywhere and everywhere.

Real Celebrated -- an application to track and post information and photos on the celebrity. Think... celebrity stalking?

Retail Aisle -- Online Shopping made like shopping in a store. A better way to order and purchase your items online and then. Scroll through the aisles on your phone, choose what you want and their quantity, check out, and then pick up at the grocery store. Which begs the question, where's the beef?

Fusion EMC -- equip and empower Christians to change the world and make the world a better place. Mentoring and open-source tool to help folks through relationships and coaching.

Econoimpact -- open-source platform for managing resources in small and mid-sized companies. These organizations spend way too much money on software and software services. This business makes a one-stop resource to help make business operations more affordable to small and mid-sized companies.

Triangle Good -- Kickstarter for social good in the Triangle. Social good and community service projects are posted online where people can contribute funding, commit volunteer hours, or propose ways they may be able to engage. Needed: web developers, designers, social marketers.

Sound It Out -- iOS or Android app designed to help bring folks together through their smart phone devices.

Watch This! -- Have you ever been sitting on the couch and wondering why there's just nothing on worth watching? Watch This! is a platform for film-makers to post their content online, enabling subscribers to follow and recommend content.

Book Work College -- College is hard. Students can help one another. Get answers on important assignments or questions. Which

Easy Raffle -- What if you could buy an opportunity to see UNC - Duke for only $20 and in doing so help support non-profits that are doing good in your area? Yep, this is what this online web application would be.

LifeZen -- Life is hard. Managing it shouldn't be. Application to track around-the-home projects and recommend local merchants. Merchants would bid for leads and customers would rank

Scholar Seed -- College Entrepreneurs don't have enough access to seed capital. Scholar Seed will fill this funding gap by providing a crowdfunding platform to help launch more businesses.

Paper Ped -- allows you to go paperless in your own home. Filing cabinets take up so much space and aren't impervious to disaster. We combine mobile and cloud to help folks go completely paperless in their homes. Hey, is the IRS okay with that?

Crowd Scape -- What's the deal with political signs? How do people advertise for these campaigns? What's the best way for people to understand high traffic areas? Help campaigns and small businesses reach the right audience.

Out Early -- What if there was a way to not lose sunk costs on events or programs that you need to leave early? This app will connect potential buyers with those who need to leave events early. Duke-UNC game and your kid has a fever? No worries, sell that ticket to someone who meets you at the door for 1/2 price.

Plan Our Trip -- A better way to plan long road trips.

Talent MLS -- like a multiple-listing service. meets meets AirBnB. Staffing is a $90 billion industry. Allows candidates to monetize their social networks and recommend people for open positions.

AWE Deals -- daily deal site that tracks big life events. Will recommend purchasing decisions in advance of weddings, birthdays, etc.

AppShot -- the reason Apple is successful is that they develop products that they themselves would use. AppShot is similar. Here's what we do: facilitate easier purchasing decisions for applications.

Triangle Inventors -- connection-based site to help connect people to one another to help innovate ideas.

Unfundable -- crowdsourced venture capital firm to help promote startups and their work. provide seed stage capital to entrepreneurs.

Feed Beaver -- if you have a customer service problem, it's often difficult to notify the company and get  your problem solved. What if you

Infast -- the problem with fasting is that some many people lose motivation when fasting. Application which gives financial disincentives to people who lose their motivation.

Energy Pop -- gives anyone who can create energy a platform to sell it for profit.

GPS Data Capture -- mobile application to collect GPS data in the field. target market would be small businesses or organizations.

Go Haps -- helps people find and keep up with the right events and what's happening around town. We aggregate content to connect with what is happening at your favorite venues.

Flux Bin -- mobile app to connect with local businesses which enables business to sell items on the fly in 60 seconds or less.

Dumpster Dating -- "Wow, that looked like a nice, whatever, but now it's in the trash... too bad." But, wow, check it out, there's a neat lava lamp and it's only 1.2 miles away from me right now. Tagline... it's not dumpster diving if you have a date.

Free Your Memory -- Create most comprehensive community calendar. Boom.

Dadd -- Driver-on-demand service to help get you and/or your car home safely.

SportsAV -- Bring that good ol' yellow marker that delineates the first down line on your TV into your reality in the stadium.

History Hikes -- mobile application that allows a historic walk through downtown Durham (or other cities). Platform uses geolocation to guide you through a walk of historic places, and will overlay historic photos so users can view historic photos and access information.

Price Engineer -- web search for whole shopping carts. Price checks all items and brings up a price ranking of each item. Saves customers money. Boom.

Near There Now -- people join brands, this application connects people locally to brands locally and doesn't screw merchants over.

SoulXchange -- Want a way to value your soul? This website uses publicly accessible data and social network data to value your soul and provide your friends and family a public offering of shares which raise in value based on the public data.

Pitch Community -- practice community for potential entrepreneurs. So, like PitchScrub, but from someone who hasn't heard of CED.

Truxie -- a way to let food trucks sell more food to customers that know where there are.

Pop Seal -- a re-sealable can tab.

Mental Health App -- allows mental health professionals a virtual library of resources to better help clients and reduce costs to their practices.

Friend Safe -- helps protect people from starting or remaining in potentially dangerous relationships. Uses predictive technologies

Clever -- Motivation and reward are key elements in game theory. Online communities and gaming applications to help you learn what it is you want to know. Key is... you're not the only one who is learning. There's a social good component to the business as well.

Mylodex -- need a way to keep track of the social capital that you build.

Foto Flip -- a lot of photos are pretty boring. So... what if you could issue photo challenges to your friends (think: Tebowing your new wife on your wedding day).

Look Wiser -- help people get inside the heads of the decision makers when on the job search.

Outsource -- making outsourcing easier; connects US companies to collaborators in cheaper labor markets.

How did you hear about me? -- the answer to this question is so super important. Mobile app to remind people key questions and provide input questions into CRMs.

Stream Punk -- livestreaming communication tool, help better connect the broadcaster and the audience.

Docster -- a tool that allows us to find and book a doctor's appointment online, super easily. Search for openings at doctor's offices that would take a user's insurance.

Luv 150 -- Based on Dunbar's Number... how can I find and see info on the most important relationships in my life?

CookBooked -- recipe application and mobile app for people with restrictive diets. Niche market, but a growing market.

Startup Weekend: The Board Game -- 54-minute game that is adaptable.

ZOLTAR -- a discovery engine to help people figure out their vocations.

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