Tuesday, February 28, 2012

iContact acquired by Vocus for $169 M

What started as a college start-up at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2003 has now grown to a 250-employee company with more than one million users, and today, iContact announced that the company has been acquired by Vocus (Nasdaq: VOCS) in a deal worth $169 million.

In a statement, iContact co-founder and president Ryan Allis noted that all iContact team members will stay in the iContact offices in North Carolina and continue to maintain their email marketing and social tool platform.

Vocus plans to integrate the iContact software into their pre-existing marketing suite that companies use to reach customers, influence sentiment, and ultimately increase the brand. Vocus also is the provider of PRWeb, Help A Reporter Out (HARO), Engine 140, North Social, and the Vocus PR and Marketing Suites. Vocus is based in Beltsville, Maryland, and is headed by Rick Rudman.

For details, review the Vocus press release about the acquisition.