Tuesday, November 15, 2011

CED Member News: RoleModel Software Launches Craftsmanship Academy

Holly Springs, N.C.-based RoleModel Software has just unveiled a new training academy for educating the next generation of software developers. Heeding the call for more skilled software craftsmen, North Carolina-based RoleModel Software has just unveiled a new training model for educating the next generation of developers. Built on the premise that the best way to get a software craftsman is to grow one, the RoleModel Software Craftsmanship Academy is now accepting applications for its first semester, beginning in May 2012.

Led by well-respected instructors, the academy offers an immersive six-month course of study that launches students on the road to becoming proficient software developers. Due to its intensive nature, the course is only for the dedicated. Successful learners will master the basic building blocks of the software industry, culminating in a one-year paid internship at a software company.

The RoleModel Software Craftsmanship Academy is ideal for dedicated high-school graduates — including homeschoolers — who already have a firm grasp on the basics of computer programming. The academy also is tailored to college graduates, those who wish to switch careers, or those who realize that college hasn’t prepared them to become expert software craftsmen.

“Anyone who considers themselves a craftsman would take someone trained this way over someone trained in a university setting, every time,” said Ken Auer, a 25-year veteran of the software industry and creator of the academy. “In addition, you can’t argue with the economics of this model versus the college approach.”

The program is limited to eight slots — meaning the entry process is highly competitive. At the close of the 18-month training , internship, and final examination, successful participants will be “certified journeymen” capable of becoming well-paid and sought after software craftsmen. For more information, contact Hope Auer at 919-609-4357 or communications(at)craftsmanshipacademy(dot)com, or visit CraftsmanshipAcademy.com.

The RoleModel Software Craftsmanship Academy already has won praised from top leaders in the software industry: Daniel Steinberg, trainer, author, and CEO of Dim Sum Thinking: “Ken’s unique approach immerses the novices in real world problems that provide the opportunity to achieve specific goals and gain a broad understanding of their craft. As the students gain more experience, they are consistently asked to do more. When they finish the program, they’re ready to begin.”

Micah Martin, co-founder of 8th Light: “We’ve been training apprentices for five years and the results are undeniable. Students learn far more about developing software far faster than any other means of education. Apprenticeships with institutions like RoleModel Software Academy are the absolute best way to enter the software industry.”

Bruce Anderson, software educator, consultant, and pioneer of software design patterns: “Ken is able and conscientious. He ‘walks the talk’ in all aspects of his endeavors. Attending the academy will be a life-changing experience for attendees. It will prepare them for productive work in the software business in a way that no purely academic program can do, and make them ready for lifelong learning.”

Auer, an accomplished master software craftsman, founded RoleModel Software, Inc. in 1997. His goal — helping clients “turn innovative concepts into reality.” To learn more, visit RoleModelSoftware.com.

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