Monday, October 24, 2011

Small Firms See Signs of Strength Online

Chapel Hill, N.C. - Despite challenging economic times, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are continuing to grow in one area: the web. Protea Digital, a North Carolina based marketing firm, reports that clients have experienced significant increases in online sales in the past quarter.

One of Protea Digital’s clients, a national e-commerce luxury bedding store, has experienced a 33% growth in revenue this year. The store also tallied its highest sales month ever in September. Many of Protea’s clients are experiencing similar trends.

With increased web sales, SMBs are able to hire new employees. In the past month,  Protea made a new hire, acquired three new clients and launched a new website, featuring its upgraded suite of products and services.

In addition to the upward trend in web marketing, smaller firms are becoming more competitive with larger firms. SMBs are taking advantage of easy-to-use software tools, engaging with customers on social media channels and tracking success with analytics.

“In the past, social media has struggled to show a return on investment. However, many of our clients can trace up to twenty percent of their revenue to Facebook and social media channels,” said CEO Steven Kent.

Companies are also paying attention to mobile browsing. Protea’s records show a 300% increase in traffic from mobile devices in the last year, and iPad users also spend more per visit than the average desktop user.

“With the abundance of obstacles for small businesses, it’s encouraging to see growth in the web marketing sector and continuous innovation in North Carolina and beyond,” said Kent.  

Protea Digital, founded in 2010, is a web marketing and strategy firm based in Chapel Hill, N.C. Protea helps growing businesses get more out of the web by providing a combination of management services and software tools to drive conversions through all of their web channels. Protea has clients in the ecommerce, healthcare, travel, education and non-profit sectors, in both the Triangle and along the East Coast.

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