Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wiehe Tells "Why Venture"

Steve Wiehe, CEO, SciQuest, Inc.

Why CED Venture?
CED plays a significant role in building, nurturing and sustaining successful technology entrepreneurship throughout North Carolina, and CED Venture gives technology companies the opportunity to creating lasting and beneficial relationships.  These relationships and the technology community that CED fosters is critical to making the Triangle a true incubator for successful and creative technology companies.

What was your experience like when you presented in the past? Any success you can attribute to participating in the event, meetings with VCs, etc.?
We’ve always found the environment at CED Venture to be both very receptive and knowledgeable.   I find it very beneficial as a CEO to go to events and speak with interested and passionate individuals working to create something real and tangible here in the Triangle.  It’s exactly what we’re trying to do at SciQuest.

How long have you been involved with CED?
I’ve been involved with CED since 2002.

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