Monday, July 7, 2014

Five Reasons Why Tech Venture Conference is a Can't Miss Event

CED’s Program Intern Kim Sikkel shares her thoughts on five reasons why you don’t want to miss CED’s Tech Venture Conference. Stay tuned to the Start Something blog for a number of upcoming updates from entrepreneurs and speakers in the weeks to come!
1)      Tech venture is a great opportunity to learn. Whether you’re interested in Digital Health, Design Thinking or Data, CED Tech Venture is pulling out all the stops to help you learn more about the future of tech and how the IoT revolution will change our lives. You will hear from the best and brightest in the field on a number of provocative topics, keeping your “techie” status well in check. Take a look at our agenda here.
2)      Did we mention the best and brightest? Check out our wonderfully diverse speakers list online and you will find that Alec Sokolow (Oscar nominated screenwriter), Philip Alvelda (founder of TaDa and MobiTV), and Vincent Padua (IBM Watson), among others, will be joining us in September to share their knowledge and tips for success.
3)      You’ll definitely want to network. Not only will we have great speakers on stage but hundreds of fellow tech leaders (entrepreneurs, investors, corporate partners, etc.) present to learn from and share ideas with. You never know who you might bump into—your next investor, partner, or mentor could be waiting around the corner.
4)      It’s a great opportunity to get exposure for your start-up. If you’re an entrepreneur, apply to be a showcase company and pitch your ideas to an audience or reserve a demo table to showcase your product alongside other companies. 600 attendees will get exposure to your company and you’ll be in good company with the rest of the region’s best and brightest. The deadline to apply is Thursday, July 17th.
5)      Support the NC entrepreneurial community. Come be amazed and inspired by your peers and the fellow tech community as we continue to build something really special. We are confident you’ll come away with the opinion that NC is playing a starring role in the future of all things tech.
Check out our Tech Venture page on the CED website for all the information you’ll need – from registration, to entrepreneur information, to speaker biographies and the agenda. See you in September!

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