Thursday, May 22, 2014

Were you inventing new products as a toddler? Is starting a new business your way to relax?

A casting agent from Metal Flowers Media reached out to CED with this opportunity for a new reality show.  The nature of the show requires participates to start from nothing and survive, so they thought it might appeal to entrepreneurs. The deadline to apply is Friday, June 6 and would require you to e aware for three months next year.  Please follow-up with Caren directly, if interested.

If you love your hard-earned success, but have grown sick of the incessant ping of social media and your road rage-filled commute. We have good news for you: the Producers of
Undercover Boss have teamed up with the SyFy network to create a pioneering documentary style series: they want to send you away from the daily grind and into the wild.

Imagine a remote haven where you can live off the grid, on your own terms, and not be reminded about the world you left behind. With only one member of the opposite sex, you
ll get to unplug and survive without modern conveniences to live like you are the first - or last! - 2 people on earth.
If you are ready to pack your bags and go on a life–changing adventure, email Caren Sachs at 

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