Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Internet Summit and Startup Summit: Deadlines loom

The technology community in the Triangle had a busy September, with scores of opportunities to expand networks and garner insight into growth. We now look to what is
billed as the largest digital gathering in the Southeast: Internet Summit.

On November 12-14th approximately 2000 people from across the spectrum of emerging technologies will converge on the Raleigh Convention Center to wrap their arms around the future of digital media & marketing including content marketing, user experience, and platform convergence.

“We’ll be covering a lot of ground this year at Internet Summit,” said Scott Hedrick, co-founder of TechMedia and Executive Director of Internet Summit. “We’re encouraging CED members to specifically check out Startup Summit which will feature 20 demo companies, entrepreneur war stories, sessions on culture building, scaling an earlier stage company, fundraising and more. And being tied to the larger Summit, the audience will benefit from fantastic speakers sharing best practices and case studies from across the entire digital spectrum.”

Hedrick says one of the highlights of this year’s events will be the speaker lineup – more than 125 are confirmed thus far.  Perennial favorite Gary Vaynerchuck  is joined by comedian Kevin Pollack, Reddit’s co-founder Alexis Ohanian,  Ben Huh, CEO and Founder of Cheezburger, and Lizzy Nephew of Porche. Those are just a few of the headliners you’ll see there, along with representatives from Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Bing, Adobe and many more.

“But no matter how great the lineup, the greatest value people see is in the people who come,” said Hedrick. “It’s the opportunity to connect to the larger crowd – the entrepreneurs, investors, and customers."

If you want to go, get on it. Early registration deadline is October 11. But if you’re a CED member, we have a special discount code that will save you $50… send us an email and we’ll get you that code.

Interested in being a Demo Company in the Startup Summit? Deadline is approaching… October 18th.  Get your applications in early for the quick pitch and exhibit opportunity, which will run throughout the entire conference.

Says Hedrick: “It’s good exposure – especially if you’re targeting marketers with your product.
Says us: call Jane if you’re a CED member so we can get you that discount code!

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