Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Klever Use of Knowledge

The sixth in a series of articles that highlight companies selected to Demo at the CED Tech Venture Conference 2013.

“…And there is nothing new under the sun.” – Ecclesiastes 1:9

There are, of course, many new discoveries awaiting us, new problems looking for the unmet solution.  Yet we often waste time and talent tracing problems whose solutions are already known, as if the knowledge didn’t exist when it actually does.  The problem is, arguably, that until now there has been no single resource wherein which we can all truly share what has already been learned and put it to good use. If knowledge is power, you might want to head to Raleigh next week to learn something.

At the CED Tech Venture Conference 2013, a new company will officially launch – with every intention of changing that balance of power.

, a Durham-based company that draws on lessons the technical support community has learned over 20+ years, will introduce its centrally-managed creative ‘commons.’ This central knowledge-sharing site touts that 60% of all tech support problems have already been solved – and questions why one should re-invent the wheel.

“We’re facilitating knowledge sharing at the highest level,” said Phil Verghis, Klever’s CEO and chief of client success. “It’s about addressing the Big Data problem that big companies have created, and helping to access all of that unstructured data. Klever connects the people that need knowledge with the people that already know.”

The company is starting with the support subsector in part because it’s their core competency, but also because it’s a multi-billion dollar test market. In just two months of private beta, Klever has secured clients from four continents, and developed a strong following from companies like and Oracle. Now, they’re ready for a public launch at Tech Venture.

Verghis describes Klever as a knowledge lever that empowers, enables, and grows exponentially in value. They’ve gathered a global community of experienced professionals – the best of the best – who see value in sharing what they’ve learned and are happy for the opportunity to ‘pay it forward.’

While the technical support industry will be the first to benefit from this solution, which the founders believe will become the industry standard for knowledge sharing, many other verticals have already approached the firm about their expansion ideas.

“Human resources seems to top the list,” said Verghis. “They have seen that we’re able to get a new person up to speed at about 70% faster than using traditional training methods. Productivity opportunities soar with Klever, just as Moore’ Law is failing to provide new productivity solutions.”

So for those of you sick of answering the same question over and over, there may be an answer unveiled at CED Tech Venture Conference 2013. You don’t want to miss that, now, do you?

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