Monday, August 5, 2013

M2 Optics Enhances Flexibility of SplitLight Solution

Already offering the highest density of passive optical taps in 1RU for network monitoring applications, the SplitLight can also be customized to address both WDM and PON splitter applications in a single platform.

Raleigh, NC - M2 Optics Inc., a leading provider of customized solutions for network simulation, monitoring, and connectivity applications has announced that additional capabilities are now offered with their patent-pending SplitLight platform resulting in even greater flexibility for network operators.

Initially designed as a high-density network tap shelf for monitoring applications, the SplitLight offers up to 192 (96 full duplex) passive optical taps in just 1RU, allowing carriers, data centers, and large enterprises to save significant rack space as compared to other traditional and existing solutions.  However, M2 Optics wanted to expand on their unique packaging concept to be able to address additional, related applications.

“While the SplitLight is a great solution when serving as a network tap shelf to organizations working with high fiber counts, we saw an opportunity to further enhance its value with the inclusion of additional features”, states Kevin Miller, VP of Sales & Marketing at M2 Optics.  “Offering our customers the option of WDM components for wavelength filtering applications, or multiple PON splitters for increasing capacity in the least amount of space, means they can now address several scenarios with a single solution.  Ultimately, this minimizes both costs and rack space usage, two critical areas of consideration for any network operator.”

While the SplitLight is unique in that it offers a solution for network taps, PON connectivity, and CWDM/DWDM applications in just 1RU, it is even more attractive in that it can be highly customized to each user’s specific requirements, resulting in maximum efficiency.  Customization from many manufacturers often results in significantly higher costs (if offered at all) and long lead times.  However, M2 Optics has kept to a core company value by positioning the SplitLight to be cost-competitive regardless of the application.

To learn more about SplitLight or find a local sales partner in your region, please visit the M2 Optics website at

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