Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Insights that Instigate

We all need a little inspiration.

Those who are growing companies might be even more in need of a little “success enlightenment.”  If that’s you, you won’t want to miss an opportunity to hear from leaders of companies like SciQuest, Veracode, SecureWorks and Zipcar and see what kind of motivation comes of it.

Day two of the CED Tech Venture Conference 2013 will bring you first-hand insights on how to grow a business -- from some of the most successful technology leaders of our time. The Tech Leaders Panel, "Founding Principles & Scaling Principles," will be moderated by someone who won’t let the panelists shy away from addressing difficult subjects: SciQuest CEO Steve Wiehe.

Come looking for a nice story arc – and some drama, too. Most of these leaders have founded companies, so there are those ‘early days’ insights to be gleaned. If you’ve been struggling with growth issues, you’ll be inspired by how these trailblazers handled tough decisions during growth, acquisition, and IPO. They are each uniquely qualified to prompt you toward growth.

The Experts from whom you’ll hear:

Steve Wiehe has been president & CEO of SciQuest since 2001. His vision for SciQuest’s future led him to take the company private in 2004 -- a vision which has led to making SciQuest the only profitable eprocurement provider. Prior to SciQuest, Steve was senior director, strategic investments & mergers and acquisitions at SAS Institute after SAS acquired DataFlux Corporation, where he had served as president and CEO. Steve was managing director/Europe and senior executive vice president for SunGard Treasury Systems, and president and CEO of Multinational Computer Models, Inc. Steve started his career with the General Electric Company where he became treasurer of GE Plastics.

Bob Brennan became CEO of Veracode in December 2011, having joined the company from IronMountain where he was President and CEO. During his six year tenure at Iron Mountain, revenue grew from $1.8 billion to $3.1 billion. Brennan was previously CEO of Connected Corporation, the market leader for enterprise PC data protection, a General Manager with Cisco Systems, Inc., president and CEO at American Internet, and held senior management roles at Merisel, Inc., Microcom Corporation and Microamerica.

Mike Cote is VP, Segment BU Leader, Dell Secure Networks. Before being acquired by Dell, he was chairman & CEO of SecureWorks and led the company through the Dell acquisition in February of 2011. Prior to joining SecureWorks, Cote held executive positions with Talus Solutions, MSI Solutions, and KPMG. Cote's leadership style is marked by open communication, high integrity, and a customer-centric philosophy.

Mark Norman took the wheel at Flexcar, a Seattle-based car sharing company, in 2006 and when Flexcar was acquired in 2007 he became president of acquiring company, Zipcar – which was then acquired by the Avis Budget Group. Mark has significant executive experience in both early-stage and global businesses, including roles as chairman, president and CEO of DaimlerChrysler, Canada and managing director of Summit Systems, a technology distribution startup.

Need some instigation?

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