Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Windsor Circle Hiring - 1) Sales, 2) Email Marketing Design Coordinator

Check out what CEO Matt Williamson has to say about Windsor Circie's new job opportunities!

Hey, Windsor Circle...  What Do You Cool Cats Do?

We help marketers keep their customers.

You know how Amazon does such a good job of "you-bought-this-you-might-like-that?"  Guess what... it works.  So, we've built a platform that allows all other retailers (who aren't as big as Amazon) do the same thing.

Our clients are big guys like CafePress, Bonobos, Spangler Candy (yes, DumDums!) and Guideposts Magazines.  But we also have lots of great smaller customers like MoonStruck Chocolates, Anne Marie Gianni Organic Skin Creams, etc.

We believe that doing great retention marketing can be logically organized and gracefully executed on across a variety of marketing channels.  Learn more here.

What Are You Hiring For?

We have developed quite a presence through our quick-paced growth as a startup.  To be clear...  this is a startup with lots of zaniness... so be prepared to ride the rapids, have a ton of fun, and learn a lot about yourself and those who share this gallant journey to build a great company in this new Retention Automation space that we're trying to define!

We need sales people who aren't afraid to bang the phones, demo awesome software and close deals.  There are indeed handsome rewards for those who can do this job well!

We are also hiring for an email marketing design coordinator who can help our clients find Retention Marketing nirvana!  This role is crucial to our ongoing success and will have significant input into the ongoing creation of our product offering.

How Should I Submit My Resume or Ask Questions?

Well, for starters, definitely don't reply-all to the listserv!  That'll get you and I both in hot water!

You may forward your resume and a cover letter to jobs@windsorcircle.com.   Please specify the role you're interested in.

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