Monday, June 10, 2013

The Junior Year Abroad That I Never Had

Original blog post from Joan Siefert Rose, CED President

I write today to let you know that starting Friday, June 14, I will be on sabbatical from CED for 3 months.  I return to the office in September.

I began a conversation with the CED Executive Committee more than a year ago, noting that I would mark my fifth year as president in 2013.  With CED on solid ground and a terrific team in place, this seemed to be the right time to plan a short break to recharge my batteries before diving back in with renewed focus and energy.  I was thrilled when the Committee agreed.

One of my biggest regrets has been that I didn’t spend a semester abroad when I was in college.  Now, I’m finally able to make up for it.  For the next couple of months, I’ll be traveling in Europe with my husband, visiting friends and family.  While I’m away, Miriam Wilson, our development director, will be CED’s acting president.  The rest of the capable team will keep our programs and services humming along.

I wish you a relaxing summer, and I’ll see you at the CED Tech Venture Conference September 17-18 with many stories to tell!

Joan Siefert Rose 

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