Monday, June 17, 2013

Ooberdocs Launches Beta - Sign up now!

Tech Venture Conference Demo Company & CED Member Ooberdocs Launches Beta  


More than six billion attachments get shared by email each day. Ooberdocs was created to make this process simpler and be seen as the “direct deposit” service of document sharing.  It gives users a simple private link to allow files to be sent directly into their favorite cloud storage service, without having to manage syncing, folders or permissions. 

The platform will even send out a SMS message to let the users know they just received a new file(s) in their cloud account from someone else. The service is live in beta with support into Box, Dropbox, Skydrive and Google Drive. 

"We see launching the service as basic, as possible," says Ooberdocs Founder and CEO John McBride. "Then [we will] spend time developing mobile apps, desktop software and enterprise tools to allow users to transfer files from...their Dropbox account to their Box account..with one simple request from the Ooberdocs app."

Check out the Ooberdocs video peek here - 

McBride has provide a Beta sign-up link for our readers:

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