Monday, June 24, 2013

Durham Startup ArchiveSocial is Hiring: 1) Development Rockstar, 2) Lead-Gen Shark

Want to join a proven early-stage startup? Check out what CEO Anil Chawla has to say about ArchiveSocial's new job opportunities.

Social media has tons of benefits, but its not all fun and games for a business. Many businesses have to deal with legal and compliance headaches such as record keeping, audits, and potential lawsuits.

safely takes away the pain so that businesses can better leverage social media. Today, ArchiveSocial provides the industry’s leading technology for capturing and preserving business-grade records of social media activity. But the archive is just Phase 1. With your help, we will build ArchiveSocial into an autonomous network of globally distributing technology for auto-detecting potential liabilities and protecting businesses as social media happens (sounds cool, eh?).

But what really makes you special?

Last year, we were selected out of 111 nationwide applicants to participate in the inaugural class of Triangle Startup Factory, and were chosen out of 184 NC companies for a grant from NC IDEA. Just last month, we were selected out of 1,100 international companies as a TiE50 World’s Top Startup.  We’ve also had our fair share of great press in publications like InformationWeek, Fast Company, and

Accolades aside, we have real customers, and lots of them. Our customers are spread across the world, but If you live in North Carolina, chances are that your city and county are using us in addition to the State of NC itself. Our other customers include independent financial firms and major governments like City of Austin, Palm Beach County in Florida, and City of Spokane in Washington.

This is a unique opportunity to join a startup that is proven, yet still at the ground floor. You will be one of the first five employees and an invaluable core member of the team.

What are you hiring for?

We’re looking for a Development Rockstar (or in more traditional speak, a Lead Software Engineer) who fits the following description:
  • Likes Java, isn’t afraid to admit it, and is darn good at it 
  • Has an ability to design components and frameworks that is just as impressive as the
    ability to implement them
  • Highly skilled in web technologies, particularly Javascript and CSS, and energized by
    working across the stack (front-end, back-end, …)
  • Fundamentally understands concepts such as REST, MVC, and software Design
  • Believes that clean code is better code: must be very detailed oriented and discipline
    in terms of code quality and conventions
  • Experience with Eclipse, AWS, Play Framework, and Dojo are all a huge plus
  • Ability to design UI and graphical elements is a huge plus too 

We are also hiring for a Lead-Gen Shark (i.e. Lead Generation Specialist) to keep our sales team buried in opportunities:

  • Outstanding ability to communicate, both verbally and in written form (e.g. email)
  • Not afraid to pick up the phone and go on a rampage of cold calling
  • Knowledgeable about the resources available online, and incredibly productive at
    researching and compiling information from the web
  • Able to leverage a variety of lead-gen techniques based on the target audience, and
    adapt ArchiveSocial messaging appropriately
  • Motivated to work independently and demolish expectations

Can you control your excitement?
If not, please send a resume to with a few sentences on why you believe this is the right opportunity for you.

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