Thursday, May 9, 2013

Carlyle Conlan Forecasts 171,291 Life Science Job Postings in US for Q1 of 2013

CED Member Carlyle Conlan just released its quarterly US Life Sciences Sector Employment Pulse report, and it’s packed with useful information that can assist business leaders in the Life Sciences sector make informed decisions regarding human capital. The report depicts all online postings for the Life Sciences sector in the US over the past three years, including trending patterns and sector subcomponents.

Some key figures:

  • Employers posted 170,090 jobs in the Life Sciences Sector in Q4, 2012, which is down from 182,167 in Q3. The slowdown may have been due, in part, to lack of clarity around US fiscal policy prompting some clients to put off hiring decisions until 2013. The deceleration may also be due to the business planning cycle which often takes place late in the year.
  • Carlyle Conlan is experiencing higher volume client inquiries and projects commencing in Q1, 2013 that may be evidence of this “lag effect”. 
  • All quarters of 2012 bested their 2011 numbers
  • Q3 and Q4 of 2012 show an acceleration of year over year growth of 15% and 26%, respectively.
  • They forecast 171,291 total postings for the sector in Q1 of 2013. 
  • The average length of time a position stays posted in the sector is 46 days; anything over 40 days is considered a difficult fill.

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