Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Scale Finance Closes Equity Financing for T1 Visions

CED Mentor Partner Scale Finance has invested in Charlotte-based T1 Visions LLC.

Scale Finance also advised T1 throughout the process, and other investors were involved in the round of financing.

Totaling $2 million in 2012, the new capital will fuel T1’s growth as the business nearly quadrupled in 2012. The company is steadily acquiring new customers, and T1’s organization is expanding in order to execute on new orders for their unique technology.

T1Visions provides large-format touchscreen solutions specializing in multi-user use in public settings. T1’s proprietary software includes highly differentiating, patent-pending features (e.g. multiple web browsers, on-screen keyboards, separate viewing/control screens, integration with mobile). T1Visions is pioneering the use of large touchscreens at affordable prices for practical applications in healthcare, retail, corporate, education, and hospitality markets. The company configures off-the-shelf hardware from multiple vendors to develop innovative products with its proprietary software (delivered via SaaS) and drivers optimized to work with the hardware. T1’s uniquely seamless integration of hardware and software create engaging user experiences across diverse applications.

T1 sells standard products including its inTouch™ Tables and inTouch™ Walls, as well as customized apps in all five vertical markets. In Healthcare, for example, T1 markets a consult room table enabling doctors to share information, photos, and videos with their patients. T1’s inTouch Table for the Education & Corporate markets enables the sharing of information, presentations, annotations, connection to tablets or remote sites all via an embedded touchscreen. T1’s inTouch Table is made up of a durable, multitouch screen flush mounted into a customizable tabletop.  The result is a valuable collaboration and engagement platform designed to allow multiple users to view and share information via a natural user interface.

T1Visions’ inTouch Interactive Wall is a custom product that allows multiple users to interact with a single vertical touchscreen or multiple screens on one large, seamless interactive surface.

T1 sells fully-installed products, as well as on-going software licenses, customer support, and advertising.

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