Friday, November 23, 2012

OnePriceTaxes Launches New Online Tax Services in B2B Play as Tax Preparer Solutions

CED Member OnePriceTaxes is expanding their offering with a direct play into the B2B marketplace for online tax preparation and filing. Today, they announced the launch of two new software products targeting the B2B market under the name Tax Preparer Solutions (TPS). OnePriceTaxes, available at, is a consumer-facing online tax preparation and filing service that offers services at one set price. 

The company has also secured its first major customer,, and OnePriceTaxes will power their consumer income tax preparation and filing services. Based on the same platform that powers, TPS’s products help fill gaps in the US individual tax preparation market.

"Our partnership between Tax Preparer Solutions and is exciting as it validates the TPS business strategy to expand beyond into Business to Business (B2B) services,” said Robbie Edwards, CEO and founder of OnePriceTaxes, in a statement.

The Products:

White Label Platform: Developing, gaining approval and maintaining online tax software is expensive and difficult for most companies to execute. For companies with strong customer relationships, there’s a tremendous opportunity to expand those relationship by providing online tax services.  TPS’s White Label Platform provides our partners with a best-in-class online tax solution, approved by the IRS and 41 states and highly customizable for a partners’ needs.

Preparer Direct: Faced with increased competition from do-it-yourself tax software products, Certified Tax Preparers now have a solution to bring their clients online. Preparer Direct is a co-branded online tax product, marketed by preparers to new or less complex tax clients. A hybrid of traditional tax preparation and online software, the customer prepares much of their taxes online, but has the option to get advice and corrections from their preparer for an additional fee. By implementing Preparer Direct, certified tax preparers gain a new tool to attract online savvy customers and generate new revenue streams, complementing their existing tax business. Preparer Direct can be customized to include partner branding, pricing and additional services. In addition, TPS customers receive a set of online tools, including an administrative dashboard that allows the partner the ability to manage the entire customer lifecycle.

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