Monday, September 3, 2012

Drug Safety Alliance acquired by Irish Firm United Drug

United Drug, which is based in Ireland, is buying Durham-based Drug Safety Alliance and Cary-based SynopiaRx in deals worth some $40 million.

United is paying as much as $28 million for Drug Safety Alliance, which is based in Durham.

Some $21 million will be paid up front. Another $7 million is payable over three years, based on milestones.

In the second deal, United will pay as much as $12 million for Synpoia, which is based in Cary.

United pays $3.2 million up front for Synpoia and another $8.8 million after three years based on milestones.

The deals were announced last week.

Drug Safety Alliance employs some 90 people and focuses on safety and risk management services.

Synopia is a consulting firm, providing biotech and pharmaceutical clients with market intelligence, strategy and account management services.

Post appeared on CED content partner WRAL Tech Wire on Aug. 30. Original post is here

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