Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ArchiveSocial Launches Government Solution to Archive Social Media

Durham-based ArchiveSocial is launching their social media archiving solution for public agencies at the National Association of Government Webmasters (NAGW) Annual Conference this week in Kansas City. Until now, ArchiveSocial has been piloting the solution with several regional customers here in the southeast at the city, county, and state level.

“We felt that NAGW was the ideal venue for us to take our brand nationwide. We’ve received strong incoming interest from across the nation, as practically every agency at every level of government is dealing with challenges related to social media and public records”, says ArchiveSocial CEO, Anil Chawla. The key to ArchiveSocial’s early success has been their specific focus on preserving social media records in an authentic and legally-sound fashion in order to properly fulfill the needs of public agencies.

“There are a number of existing archiving vendors that have ‘tacked on’ social media”, says Chawla, “but these solutions only get you part of the way, and usually by sacrificing authenticity of data and ease of use”. With ArchiveSocial, public agencies can easily automate record keeping of communications on networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Linked. The records are preserved in a tamper proof and forensically sound fashion, and can be managed via an interface that feels and behaves like a carbon copy of the original social network.

The reaction to the solution has been “off the charts” according to Chawla. “Most agencies are completely surprised when they see the solution. The ability to instantly filter through tens of thousands of social media records, and then save the results as a ‘picture perfect’ PDF, is something every agency wants but didn’t know was possible. Our customers have started using ArchiveSocial to monitor activity across dozens of accounts and manage their brand, and don’t just look at ArchiveSocial as something they have to do.” Adam Tury, who leads ArchiveSocial’s sales efforts, added, “We couldn’t be more excited about NAGW and the opportunity to share our story with folks from across the nation. We are always impressed with how different agencies are leveraging social media to engage citizens, and it is deeply satisfying to hear how ArchiveSocial can help improve those efforts”.

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