Thursday, July 12, 2012

CED Tech Venture Conference Presenting CEO invited to "New Breed Program" at Famous Sun Valley Retreat

You've probably heard of Allen & Co.'s Sun Valley retreat, perhaps in one of the many articles flying around in the tech media world this week. For those who haven't, the Sun Valley retreat is an "off-the-record" CEO conference that takes place in Idaho. Essentially, it's a summer retreat to gather the top technology executives.

So each summer, tech industry giants convene to share conversations (over drinks, we presume), and meet with prominent celebrities (Oprah), politicians (Mayor Bloomberg), and CEOs (Tim Cook).

TechCrunch published a great article yesterday about the "New Breed Program," which gives a few startup founders each year the opportunity to present at Sun Valley.

Among this year's "New Breed" invitees: car-service Uber, Evernote, neighborhood social network Nextdoor (which still doesn't have my neighborhood listed), and Cloudera.

Cloudera, a commercial Hadoop company backed by Accel and Greylock (to name a few investors), will have a major presence at the CED Tech Venture Conference in September. CEO Michael Olson will sit on the Tech Leaders Panel, along with the CEOs of Red Hat, mySQL, LogMeIn, and Gemvara. Mr. Olson will discuss industry trends, the pathway to building a successful startup, and much, much more.

Register today and ensure you're on-hand this September to attend the CED Tech Venture Conference!

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