Monday, July 30, 2012

CED Welcomes New Members - Spotlight 4 of 4

During the month of July, CED is welcoming our new members, all of whom joined during the successful High Flyin' Membership Drive. CED is quite glad to expand the entrepreneurial network of the Research Triangle and North Carolina through the addition of these fine companies. 

Last week, we welcomed a third group of new company members to CED. The the two weeks prior, we celebrated the success of the membership drive and announced the first group of new members as well as additional members in the 
second weekly spotlight.

This week, we are welcoming students and individuals who became CED Members during our High Flyin' Membership Drive. Welcome to the CED Network!

Individual and Student Members

  • Brett McCraney
  • Staton Noel
  • Andrew Stuart
  • David Irwin
  • Chip Herr
  • Mary Holtscheider
  • Daniel Adams
  • Tim McNeil
  • Tatiana Gribanova
  • G Timothy Pate
  • Heather Hollick
  • Ian Mehr
  • Lu Silverstein
  • Lynn Holmes
  • Paul Immanuel
  • Vincent Barnett
  • Jay Bigelow
  • Carol Marino
  • Nolan Sweeny
  • Craig Mathews
  • Alison Gatherum
  • David Spencer
  • Rodney Evans
  • Brad Holton
  • Daniel Pomp
  • Young Fenton
  • Chuck Mays
  • Brian Marks
  • Kay Wagoner
  • Jennifer Wege
  • Gregory Lewandowski

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  1. Thank you for welcoming me! When I was walking in the American Underground, I felt like I was in Korea. I am from Korea and this place reminds me of home. Koreas has a lot of business going on underground. Today I have some good news for Durham! A Korean company (Cheil Worldwide) has acquired the Durham-based ad agency McKinney. Hope this opportunity brings good business for Durham. –Young Fenton (