Thursday, June 21, 2012

Digitalsmiths can now recommend videos based on your mood

CED Member and Durham-based Digitalsmiths announced early Wednesday an enhancement to its Seamless Discovery platform that will allow consumers to easily find video content that matches their mood.

The enhancement was created to appeal to consumers. “All consumers want it to be easier to find content, but different consumers prefer different discovery methods, and individual consumers may prefer one method to another depending on the viewing context,” said Matt Berry, Digitalsmiths CTO and co-founder in a statement released on Wednesday. “With the addition of mood-based recommendations, we have expanded the options that providers can offer to consumers for discovering video content.”

Seamless Discovery mood-based recommendations are powered by a deeper level of intelligence around video content. By leveraging the world’s largest collection of scene-level, time-based video data from Digitalsmiths and industry-standard data sets from Tribune Media Service (TMS) and other third parties, Seamless Discovery delivers the industry’s most accurate mood-based recommendations.

When consumers sit down to watch television, they often want to find content that matches their mood at that moment. For example, a consumer may be in the mood for suspenseful courthouse dramas set during the 1990s. They may be on date night or with college roommates—all of which put the consumer in different moods. Seamless Discovery mood-based recommendations accommodates this discovery behavior by enabling consumers to easily isolate titles based on what they're in the mood for at any given time.

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