Thursday, March 1, 2012

NY Times to hold video pitch contest to find entrepreneur for regular blogging spot on "You're the Boss"

Here's an interesting piece of news coming from the New York Times: you could win a regular blogging spot on the "You're the Boss" blog, and all you have to do is submit a YouTube video with your business pitch.

Make Your Pitch
The project, launched officially on Feb. 29 by Carol Roth in this post on the "You're the Boss" blog, is called "Make Your Pitch" and is open in the six months between Feb. 29 and Aug. 29. Obviously, any interested entrepreneur's need to follow the submission guidelines.

All videos are to be featured on the New York Times small-business Facebook page, and selected videos will appear on the "You're the Boss" blog and each pitched business plan will be reviewed by Roth and open to comments from New York Times readers.

A great opportunity for entrepreneurs to feature their companies on the NY Times--let us know if you plan to submit a video. Best of luck!