Friday, March 9, 2012

Duke's NeuroSpire to compete in Startup Madness

Jake Stauch took an introductory neuroscience class during his sophomore year at Duke. Midway through the semester, the concept of neuromarketing was mentioned by the professor, and Jake was instantly intrigued. What happened next?

After some weeks of research, he was shocked to find that neuromarketing was inaccessible to the vast majority of companies. Only a handful of neuromarketing firms exist, and  a typical study can cost $500,000 or more.

Jake Stauch, founder of Neurospire
After a year of research and development, Jake founded NeuroSpire in order to make this powerful market research tool more available and more affordable. NeuroSpire equips existing market research firms with a platform for conducting their own neuromarketing studies, using commercially available EEG technology and a proprietary NeuroSpire software toolkit.

Jake is part of 19 student startup teams that will compete in Startup Madness on March 14 at the American Tobacco Campus. CED will be there to support startups like Jake's, and entrepreneurship in the Research Triangle and North Carolina.