Monday, March 12, 2012

Drug Discovery Center of Innovation Announces New Strategic Master Services Agreement

The Drug Discovery Center of Innovation (, the Foundation Fighting Blindness (, and the National Neurovision Research Institute ( today announced the completion of a strategic Master Services Agreement. 

Under the agreement, the Drug Discovery Center of Innovation will provide pharmaceutical development oversight and strategic expertise to support IND-enabling drug development activities for MitoChem Therapeutics, LLC. MitoChem Therapeutics, LLC is supported in part by a Small Business Award from the Foundation Fighting Blindness. “We are delighted to be funding development of MitoChem’s novel therapeutic compounds for retinal diseases, as well as DDCOI’s critical guiding role in the project,” says Stephen Rose, Ph.D., chief research officer, Foundation Fighting Blindness. “We have a great opportunity to bring a vision-saving treatment to people affected by a broad range of inherited retinal diseases.”

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