Monday, January 9, 2012

Early Stage Startup? Looking for Support?

One of the wonderful benefits of CED Membership is gaining access to the CED Network. We're dedicated to bridging connections between entrepreneurs, service partners, resource partners and investors.

Every week, we evaluate programs available to entrepreneurs. We then post ones we find as valuable potential opportunities that would enable the right entrepreneurs to access a particular resource or service.

We highlight today the IBM Global Entrepreneur program, which enables early-stage entrepreneurs dealing with banking, cloud computing, energy, telecommunications and the workforce to gain access to IBM's vast support network and resources which can help you shape the future of the world through your company's products and services.

With a global reach, IBM ensures that you're able to bring your product to market on your rapid timeframe, and the program could help by providing software to help accelerate your product development timeline. In addition, the global entrepreneurs in this program gain access to a mentor pool from IBM, who are dedicated to assisting you grown and scale your business.

If you're an early-stage company, less than five years old, and are developing products and services in the above-mentioned verticals, you qualify to gain access to this program. More details can be found at the IBM website.