Thursday, October 6, 2011

Entegrion is Awarded $44M Defense Contract for New Plasma


The Department of Defense is providing as much as $43.7 million to RTP-based Entegrion for development of a possible blood plasma replacement product.The DOD will fund clinical trials for a dehydrated form of plasma called Resusix. Entegrion believes it can be a replacement for frozen plasma.The contract covers four years and also includes the cost of a Biological License Application, Entregion said. The award was announced Tuesday.

“Our focus is to offer a safer and more effective alternative for frozen blood plasma, which often is not readily available in austere and remote locations,” said Entegrion Chief Technology Officer Joseph DaCorta. “In addition, Resusix has tremendous potential for serving unmet medical needs in global health settings.”

Entegrion said it plans to start recruiting 10 to 15 clinical sites for trials next month and also plans an Investigational New Drug filing with the FDA. In August, Entegrion received a contract for more than $9 million from the US Navy for another blood product project. A year ago, Entegrion, which is developing a form of dried human blood plasma for use in transfusions, won a two-year research and development contract worth $8.2 million from the Pentagon.

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