Monday, September 26, 2011

NC-based Joystick Labs funds Buckle Up Game Studios

Joystick Labs has funded and accepted Buckle Up Game Studios ( into their video game accelerator program.

Buckle Up was founded by Kory Sherman and Chris Snyder while studying in the game program at Wake Technical Community College.  As part of Joystick Labs, they will develop “Flipped”, a puzzle game for mobile devices that takes advantage of the accelerometer and physics to create a unique gameplay mechanic.  The game was originally conceived and prototyped as a class project at Wake Tech. Joystick Labs, founded in 2010, provides startup video game entrepreneurs a unique mix of early-stage seed funding, mentorship, services, and networking.  Seven teams have been funded and the first games developed by Joystick teams will ship in Q4 2011.

“We had a great idea for our game, but did not have the resources to focus on full-time development or the business expertise to form a studio,” said Kory Sherman, Buckle Up Game Studios co- founder. “The Joystick Labs program provides opportunities and resources that will accelerate the development of our studio and our first title.”
Joystick Labs next session will begin in Q1 2012 with an application deadline in December, 2011. Joystick Labs looks for teams who possess an entrepreneurial spirit and an innovative game concept. 

For more information or to apply, please visit

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