Thursday, September 22, 2011

Entrepreneur Survival Series

Submitted by Roshen Sethna
Bull City Forward presents the Entrepreneur Survival Series: Four key strategies to maintaining resilience, relationships and emotional health as you build the next great company

Date & Time: Every Thursday / October 2011 / 12-1pm

You may have the killer idea. You may have even nailed the grant or venture capital game, pocketed patents, or built a great team, but without some additional tools, the bad times (which are 100% guaranteed to come) could be more than hard; they could kill what you’ve invested so much into and the inspiration behind it.

Participants attending the Entrepreneur Survival Series will learn how to develop a healthy entrepreneurial mindset without losing your mind. Let us help you improve communication with others and increase your focus on building a high-growth company or organization.

Each week you get a crash course in non-business obstacles entrepreneurs face and how to fix them. Its that simple. It’s all evidence-based and will satiate skeptics while dazzling believers.

Who Should Attend: Entrepreneurs and small business owners ideally in the full-throttle of a start-up. Non and for profits are both welcome.

Topics (4 part series**):

Session 1 - Self: The Entrepreneur / OCT 6
Resiliency; Dealing with risk, stress, anxiety, depression; When to suck-it-up and when to get help

Session 2 - Relationships / OCT 13
Conflict management and communication both within and outside of your business, spouse and and other personal relationships; Preparing family/relationships for entrepreneurship; Dealing with what-ifs

Session 3 - Stages of Change / OCT 20
How we change; How it effects business, self, family; How to control it

Session 4 - Exit Strategy / OCT 27
Preparing for multiple outcomes, success or not; What are likely outcomes and how to insulate/prepare (Hint: Research shows success can be just as dangerous to relationships)

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