Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Press Release: CertifiGroup Receives ISO 17025 Accreditation for Ingress Protection Testing Laboratory

RALEIGH, NC--(Marketwire) - CertifiGroup's ISO 17025 accredited Ingress Protection testing facility allows US manufacturers to certify products for outdoor use, including NEMA ratings for equipment and enclosures. With this accreditation, manufacturers can receive certified test reports for products that need to meet the IP code requirements. All outdoor products sold in Europe must have the required IP Rating indicating the product's level of "ingress protection." Ingress Protection is a product's ability to prevent the entry of dust, objects or liquid. IP Codes are arranged in a 2 digit numbering system. "Protection against foreign objects" is from 0 (not protected) to 6 (dust tight). The second digit "Protection against moisture" is from 0 (not protected) to 8 (protected from submersion). Many electric motors and electrical enclosures bear the IP55 designation, other products that need to withstand dust and water immersion would carry the designation IP68. For the complete IP table and reference material, visit www.CertifiGroup.com and go to the "IP Code Testing" page.

The CertifiGroup IP laboratory has tested enclosures, light fixtures, motors, monitors, hand held devices, and many other products for use in commercial, industrial, hazardous location, medical and residential markets. Some easily recognizable CertifiGroup customers include Toshiba, Cooper Lighting, Siemens, Lord Corp and more. Standards include IEC 60529, 60598-1, 60950-22, UL73, UL50E.

Joshua Hunt, head of CertifiGroup's IP testing lab, talks about the advantages for manufacturers. "More industries are now requiring that all products used outdoors must have an IP rating. If a product is marketed for outdoor use and the manufacturer cannot provide an IP rating, the manufacturer will likely not receive as many inquiries or sales. CertifiGroup can provide IP, NEMA type testing and other environmental tests to ensure their products can withstand an outdoor, dusty or wet environment. With an IP rating from an accredited lab, products can be marketed and sold with confidence. Without the IP a manufacturer can miss production milestones and end up over budget."

Manufacturers and designers who can bring their product to the CertifiGroup testing laboratory in Cary are eligible for a free preliminary session. Call 800-422-1651 to make an appointment, or visit www.CertifiGroup.com. CertifiGroup also provides UL and CSA Certifications, SEMI S2, CE Marking for Europe, hazardous location, medial, laboratory, lighting and many other categories. CertifiGroup is already well known as experts for solar, wind turbine and energy saving devices, and is staffed by former UL Engineers who understand how to avoid delays.

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  1. I have to say you have written well about ISO/IEC 17025 but I will be happy if you write more about laboratory management system ISO 17025 standard and measurement of uncertainty on this blog.