Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New RTP Angel Fund

The newly-formed Inception Micro Angel Fund in RTP (IMAF-RTP) brings attractive start-up business opportunities to North Carolina private investors and early seed equity financing to qualified entrepreneurial businesses.

IMAF-RTP is a member-managed, seed stage, angel capital fund, designed to capitalize on the growth in entrepreneurial activity in the RTP area, and is a Qualified Grantee Business for the N.C. Investor Tax Credit.

The Fund is focused on pre-launch companies in several industries, and positions itself as providing the financing entrepreneurs need to finalize their business just prior to launching into the market. Essentially, this financing is what entrepreneurs need to prepare the businesses for the first round of formal angel financing.

The group’s accredited investors that make up its membership are a group of highly successful men and women, primarily from the many businesses and communities within RTP. The goal is to enhance the wealth creation of its members by investing financial capital as well as time and relationships in early stage, high quality, and high growth companies.

“IMAF-RTP is filling a need for entrepreneurs to get the small amount of money they need in the last several months prior to market launch,” said Bill Warner, IMAF-RTP executive.

IMAF-RTP is part of the N.C. Foundation for Entrepreneurs, a statewide system of talent, knowledge and money that organizes awareness, accessibility and delivery of public and private support for entrepreneurs. The seven IMAF Funds in North Carolina represent the N.C. Capital Highway infrastructure which, along with similar funds emerging in South Carolina, is allied with the U.S. Capital Highway project.

Although each fund is independent, they operate under similar principles and can syndicate with one another as needed.

The preceding article was published by in WRAL Tech Wire.

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