Monday, April 4, 2011

Q&A with Jeff O’Hara – TearScience

Jeff O’Hara, VP of Sales for North America – TearScience

When did you realize that you were an entrepreneur?

At a fairly young age, it was apparent that I was destined for entrepreneurship.
  As a teen, my friends and I started our own lawn care service. We also had paper routes.  At the age of 16, I worked full-time foregoing sports, something I loved.  I am a lifelong learner and always knew it would be a value to go to college and get an MBA.  In graduate school, it was great to work with exceptional people and create new opportunities for myself and others.  In my career, the most rewarding times have been working with other entrepreneurial-minded people who possess a great passion for what they do.

What excites you about working for an entrepreneurial company?

Working at TearScience is easy to love because of the strong leadership team and the opportunity we have to positively impact healthcare on a global basis.
  First and foremost, TearScience is addressing an unmet clinical need.  TearScience offers an innovation technology in a billion dollar industry.  TearScience will help doctors to be entrepreneurial  by providing eye care practices with a solution designed to assess and treat evaporative dry eye disease, an ailment that plagues more than 100 million people worldwide.  Studies show that the annual cost of dry eye disease if roughly $11,000 per patient.  TearScience’s new treatment will have a significant impact on reducing that cost. 

What growth opportunities do you see in the med tech space?

Med tech companies have a tremendous growth opportunity over the next decade given the aging baby boomer population.
  This creates a need for new therapies and devices to diagnose and treat a wide variety of age-related illnesses.  As an example, dry eye syndrome is more prevalent in women age 50 and up.  The med tech companies that can drive down healthcare costs while improving patient care and margins for healthcare providers should do very well.  To summarize, there are exciting times ahead.

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