Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Precision BioSciences Signs Deal with BASF Plant Science

RTP-based Precision BioSciences, recently announced that they have entered into a collaborative agreement with BASF Plant Science to create site-specific genome modifications in plants. The agreement provides BASF Plant Sciencewith non-exclusive access to aspects of Precision BioSciences’ proprietary Directed Nuclease Editor™ (DNE) technology, which can be used to develop advanced agricultural products.

“We are excited to announce this cooperation with BASF Plant Science, a leading force within global plant agriculture,” said Jeff Smith, Chief Science Officer at Precision BioSciences. “We are looking forward to a productive relationship with BASF Plant Science to develop novel products utilizing Precision BioSciences’ DNE technology.”

Precision BioSciences joined CED in 2006. In addition to regularly attending CED events, company CEO, Matthew Kane, presented Precision to investors at CED’s Venture 2008 conference.

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